Dress To Impress [Guest Post by Neil]

Dress To Impress [Guest Post by Neil]


When you put on your best outfit and dress to impress, you feel good, right? Well, today, Neil is exploring that subject in more detail. He will teach you WHY it’s worth putting a bit of effort into your appearance.

Clothes don’t always “maketh the man”. But they can certainly make someone feel better about themselves.

And that is what I want to dive into in this article today. How wearing clothes that make you look great also make you feel happier and more content with yourself. This also gives you self-confidence and the ability to tackle just about anything.

So, whether you agree with me or not, let’s jump into this together and see how your clothing choices can affect your mood for the better…

Leave A Good First Impression

Think about it – the first thing a complete stranger is going to notice about you are your clothes. Well, unless you are juggling fire torches, then they will notice those first!

But generally, people who don’t know you at all are usually going to judge you based on your outfit. I know, it’s superficial and ridiculous, but that is how we are programmed.

And naturally, if they get to know you better, that first impression is probably going to change. Over time at least. However, they might not give you a second chance if you have left them with a really bad impression – via your bad choice of attire!

Obviously, if we are talking about your close friends then that’s fine. Do you really want to hang out with someone who is going to dislike you just because you wore a ripped t-shirt? I wouldn’t.

But when you think about the professional area of your life, or impressing someone on a first date, then you need to embrace “the power of the outfit”.

If you have an upcoming job interview, you can’t show up in your favorite jeans, even if there is no specified dress code. You want the interviewer to instantly have a good impression of you. You want them to remember you even after they’ve talked to all the other applicants – that’s how you get the job, or a second date. Which, ultimately results in you feeling happy! I hope.

So, before heading out the door, take some time to choose the right clothing– some dress pants and shirt, a classy dress or skirt/blouse combo, and some appropriate accessories, of course. Right down to the your choice of watch, which says more about you than you think – don’t wear a plastic swatch to an interview, but something a little more classy like a dress watch.

Perk Yourself Up

Maybe you’ve had a really rough week and all you want to do is curl up in your bed and sleep for the entire weekend. Or binge on Netflix!

But that’s not going to make you feel better. In fact, you will probably end up feeling worse, because you are just wallowing in all that negativity. So, what’s a better way to solve those doldrums?

Putting on a great outfit that you feel really good in will definitely improve your mood. And it is not just about the price of the clothes either. It’s just about how they make you feel.

If you’ve had a particularly bad day, try putting on an outfit you love. You don’t have to go out, just walk around the house in it. But in my experience, dressing up when you are at your worst really helps. It will lighten you up a little and help you feel better about yourself generally.

Here’s another trick I love using. Maybe you have a favorite sweater that you’ve owned for decades. Every time you put it on, you instantly feel happy. Then wear it whenever you feel down! Don’t worry about what will someone think if you wear it two or three times in a week. (Just make sure to wash it regularly!)

Bottom line, when you feel really sad or stressed, don’t spend those days in your favorite pajamas lying on the couch. Put on that fancy dress or shirt you bought recently and stand in front of the mirror. Looking at yourself all dressed up will help you feel better. It might make you want to go out, too.

Boost Your Confidence

Your overall confidence can impact both your private and professional life. That is why it’s important that you dress for the part,and look great, so that everything else goes as smoothly as possible.

Say you have an upcoming presentation at work, and you are terrified of speaking in front of a room full of people. Make sure you wear something that makes you feel really confident on the day.

As for your private life: maybe you are nervous about an upcoming date, or dinner with a friend you’ve lost touch with. Wearing something that makes you feel more confident will help you relax. This will make it easier for you to open or lead the conversation. What do you know – maybe the other person is just as nervous as you, and they didn’t think of this trick. You will be ahead of the game!

Maybe, it’s a pair of pumps that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Or it’s just your favorite tie, which brings out the color of your eyes so perfectly. Whatever that item is, put it on. That boost in confidence will impact your posture, gesticulation and even the way you speak. And you will seem like you really know what you are talking about, even though that might not be the case!

At the end of the day, your outfit does not define who you are. But if a pair of earrings or cufflinks can put a smile on your face, then don’t hesitate to buy them and wear them. You are investing in yourself. If something is going to put you in a better mood or make you feel really confident, then it is completely worth it.

Regardless of what anyone else says.

Dress To Impress - Guest Post By Neil

The Importance Of Dressing To Impress
How The Clothes You Wear Can Affect Your Mood - Guest Post By Neil
Can Your Choice Of Clothing Affect Your Mood?

You can find Neil’s blog here.

I’m definitely one to hang about in my pyjamas on the bad days. Maybe next time, I’ll go the other extreme and get dressed up! It’s not entirely relevant but this feels like a good time to say: if it was up to me, men would wear suits all the time.

In case you missed Jay’s fantastic poem from last week, you can find it here.

Next week’s guest post will be the last one for this year!

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