Blogging 101: A Feel-Good Guide To The Basics Of Blogging

Blogging 101: A Feel-Good Guide to the Basics of Blogging

  • This book combines blogging advice and positive affirmations to create a blogging guide like no other! It has been created especially for new bloggers and perhaps those who are just feeling very overwhelmed and a little lost. For those who love the idea of blogging, but struggle with their confidence and self-belief. Textbook meets self-help book.
  • Covers the following topics: writing, layout & design, SEO, email marketing, blog monetization and more!
  • For self-hosted WordPress users. There may be other nuggets of information in here to help those using other platforms but please be aware that this is who my target is.
  • Instant download
  • PDF and Kindle versions available

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Ruth’s ebook is a staple for any blogger! It is jam packed with amazing tips and tricks about blogging. I’ve had my blog for a year now and I still came away with so much new knowledge. If you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced blogger there is something in it for you! Ruth always manages to add sunshine and positivity into everything that she does. I can’t recommend this ebook enough.
Lyndsey Smith@theoxfordwriter
Ruth’s E-book Blogging 101: A Feel-Good Guide to the Basics of Blogging is an incredibly useful resource for writing online. Not only was I impressed by how much content she has included (making it very good value for money), there are so many useful tips and ideas to improve your online presence.

This E-book has given me so much to think about when developing the blog aspect of my new website, and having it downloaded onto my laptop as go-to reading material gives me great peace of mind that with its help I can achieve great online content.