Making Life Brighter With Uplifting Stories [By Rosey Lee]

Making Life Brighter With Uplifting Stories [By Rosey Lee]

I think we can all agree that reading uplifting stories is great. But what about writing them? Today’s guest poster, Rosey Lee, writes uplifting fiction stories with a little bit of hope, faith, and love. Continue reading to discover her motivations for doing so.

Reading and writing have helped me to cope since I was a kid. Like many people, I’ve experienced anxiety, and reading books offered an escape. I spent hours engrossed in characters’ lives, and I often felt comforted, energized, and hopeful after reading a good story.

Similarly, I discovered that writing felt therapeutic. I found myself working through my struggles by writing fiction stories, frequently for homework assignments. English teachers from primary school (elementary in the US) to university had a front row seat as I processed family issues, relationship drama, and whatever else I may have been dealing with at the time.

I always planned to continue writing fiction, but life got busier after university. The author Toni Morrisson once said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” This sentiment eventually drew me back to writing. Over the last year or so, I’ve become more serious about it. Again, it’s helped me to cope. I’ve also received a gift from writing that extends beyond myself – the opportunity to share comfort, positivity, and hope with others. My stories are intentionally uplifting. Just as I found comfort, positivity, and hope through reading, my goal is for readers to find the same in the stories I write.

Rosey Lee is the pen name I use as I pursue my passion for writing. My alter ego is a physician, so health is important to me. Most of my stories have a health element, and I am guided by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition of health, which holistically encompasses physical, mental and social well-being. Mental and social well-being are common themes in my stories. Sometimes mental health is the main focus of the story. Sometimes it’s in the background. And sometimes my stories reflect the connection between mental and physical health.

There are a few reasons I incorporate mental health issues in my stories. First, as the WHO suggests, “there is no health without mental health”. Second, writing fiction stories that have a mental health theme is one way that I can advocate for mental health promotion and help lessen the stigma around mental health issues. Third, I hope that readers are touched by the mental health themes in my stories and find comfort, positivity, and hope through my characters’ experiences. You can read a couple of my flash fiction (short) stories for free on my website. Audioversions of the stories are also posted there.

Writing uplifting fiction stories has been a gateway to other unexpected benefits. I’ve become active on Twitter, where I enjoy sharing uplifting content and have begun to connect with mental health bloggers and advocates. There are pros and cons associated with social media, and it should be considered on an individual basis. I’ve also discovered the joys of Pinterest, which is particularly fun when I need a break from Twitter. I’ve created Pinterest boards for my short stories, as well as boards around hope and health.

I encourage you to consider writing as an outlet. Of course, not everyone will be drawn to fiction. Perhaps nonfiction, poetry, or journaling is more aligned with your interests. It’s worth a try.

Making Life Brighter With Uplifting Stories

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You can read some of Rosey Lee’s short stories for free on her website – You can also follow her on Twitter @roseyleebooks and Pinterest

On the topic of uplifting stories, if you have one you would like to share, visit the guest posting page for all the details!

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