We Are Strong [A Poem By Jay]

We Are Strong [A Poem By Jay]

I’m bringing you something different today, with a little help from Jay. It’s a poem called We Are Strong!

Ever had a thought in your head,

That won’t go away,

Can’t put it to bed,

Seems it’s here to stay,

I feel it so often,

It’s constantly mocking,

Nothing can soften,

When it comes knocking.


Fed up of this feeling,

Like anxiety has won,

Bound with no healing,

Mentally weighing a ton,

I’m stuck in a cage,

Lost in the woods I’ll exit the stage,

One day I’ll be good.


There’s a changing inside,

At last it is kind.

It’s time to confide,

I’m not losing my mind,

Not afraid anymore,

For once I stand tall,

Head held high evermore,

No fear of the fall.


Spread your wings and take flight,

I am aiming so high,

I will win this fight,

I’m unable to lie,

I know it’ll return,

Where it doesn’t belong,

Have courage, hold firm,

Host know we are strong.

We Are Strong - A Poem by Jay

We Are Strong - A Poem by Jay
Snippet of We Are Strong, a poem by Jay
We Are Strong: a poem about mental health and overcoming challenges, beautifully written by Jay

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  1. 16th November 2018 / 4:00 pm

    I love this, it inspires such a feeling of determination. I find poetry a really effective way to express myself, and I love seeing poetry by others, so thanks for sharing.

  2. 16th November 2018 / 8:13 pm

    Truly amazing and written with feeling! I am blessed to not suffer with anxiety, but it’s things like this that give me a glance into what that look like, and for that I am grateful. As someone with friends who have anxiety, I want to know as much as I can to help, support, & understand them as much as possible.

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